Social Responsibility

Contribution To The Community

I have been passionately contributing my time and energy to the digital marketing industry nationwide for over a decade now. It has been a wonderful journey for me, helping students, novice professionals, and experts alike learn and prosper at the different stages of their careers. Here is a quick tour of some of the events I have been a part of and the roles I have played.

Awards & Rewards

Our contribution and work for the development of the digital marketing community and the national economy have brought us several awards. Here are some of them:

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At Independence TV Talk show

At Digital Bangladesh Learning & Earning project by the ICT ministry, conducted by independence TV. I talked about different aspects of client handling for online professionals alongside my fellow marketers on the show. It was a great scope for me to help struggling freelancers understand how to manage projects and build better relations with clients.

Keynote Speaker at Comilla DC office conference

At a conference conducted by the DC office, Comilla, where I was invited to discuss the barriers of online profession and freelancing. I talked about the opportunities beyond the issues we have in our country regarding any online profession. It was a great experience discussing insider thoughts in front of higher government officials as a keynote speaker and industry representative.

Interview to Bangladesh Television (BTV)

Giving an interview to Bangladesh Television (BTV) about online professions and their perks. I talked about the possible obstacles newbies face at the beginning of an online profession, alongside the opportunities. As a recognized digital marketer nationwide, I felt the need for guiding freshers to get ahead with their online careers.