15 Best Local SEO Tools To Improve Your Local Search

Local SEO strategy is the key to reaching more potential customers and driving them to your store. As the local competition is growing, local SEO is becoming more and more essential than before.Best Local SEO Tools To Improve Your Local Search

Do you know, 46% of all Google searches are looking for local information? Not only that, almost 88% of consumers who do local searches through their smartphone either call or visit the business within 24 hours. It means, if you haven’t yet optimized your business for local search, you are missing out on the opportunity to reach these customers.

That is why I’ve come up with the best local SEO tools in this comprehensive guide. Which will help you to optimize your website with the local SEO best practices and improve your local search ranking. So, let’s get started.

Why are Local SEO Tools Important?

Whether it is a big or small business, a strong local presence is a must to generate leads and conversion. This is the reason that local SEO services have become an essential part of the overall SEO strategy. Especially for those whose businesses rely on local customers.

From optimizing your content for local searches to submitting your NAP to various local directories, there are several local SEO strategies that you need to implement. However, to optimize your site for local searches and track your local SEO effort, the best local SEO tools can conveniently assist you.

We all know that for local SEO, Accuracy matters the most. In that case, these tools are great for helping to track rankings, assist in developing local SEO-optimized keywords, monitor performance, provide competitor insights, improve customer engagement, and many more.

Best Local SEO Tools That Boost Your Local Traffic

All the local SEO tools listed here will definitely help you in tracking and managing your local SEO efforts; also, helps you to achieve your business goals easier and faster. So, without any further ado, let’s start exploring the best tools for local SEO.

1. MOZ Local

MOZ Local, a robust local SEO tool developed by MOZ, is well-known for maximizing your business’s online visibility for local searches and reaching more customers. This tool works for both larger and small companies.

You can leverage your business’s local factors and ensure boosting local visibility for search engines and your visitors. With this useful tool, you can uncover the location data quality and discover the opportunities for your business.

By checking your citations on search engines and social media, and other directories, it supercharges your local search visibility. It’s the best way to prevent duplicate business listings and keep the business listing updated.

MOZ Local - best lcoal seo tools
Source: Moz

Key Features:

  • From a single dashboard, this tool manages and syncs your ongoing local business listing.
  • Keep the listing updated across search engines, social media, online directories, apps, and data aggregators.
  • Identify, confirm and then remove the duplicate listing automatically.
  • Understand the lacking of data and images and then optimize your profile implementing the needed data and images.
  • Constantly monitor and respond to the customer’s reviews on multiple sites. To create a positive user experience, it responds to the negative reviews quickly and helps in retaining the customers.
  • You will get instant alerts for new customer’s reviews with this tool and respond to them quickly.
  • With this tool, you can also monitor review sentiments, trends, keywords reviews, and customer feedback over time.
  • Helps engage customers through search engines, social media integration, rich content, and social posts.
  • Provides a powerful report and insights of profile completeness, listing scores, online review performance, sentiment analysis, traffic, clicks, impression, and more.

    features of MOZ Local - best lcoal seo tools
    Source: Moz

Pricing and Packages

Moz Local is a bit costly compared to the other tools, but it will definitely be worth your investment. Currently, this tool only supports the purchased management of UK, US, and Canadian business listings.

You will find 3 different packages to choose from according to your needs. These are- Lite, Preferred, and Elite. And the following image will show you what the packages include.

pricing of Moz local
Source: Moz

2. Semrush Listing Management Tool

The listing management tool by SEMrush, a simple but powerful solution for local SEO. This tool is best to add and update your business data to the US and outside the US’s most prominent directories automatically. Once your listings are live, you can start tracking and updating them whenever needed to ensure their accuracy.

This comprehensive listing management tool allows you to edit the information in all directories at once to make sure consistency of your business data. Using this tool, you can get reports on how often you were searched and how your listing performs. You can configure it to send you email notifications for location reports or other information.

So far, this tool can check listings for 5 countries such as the US, Australia, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.

Semrush Listing Management Tool
Source: Semrush


  • Automatically distribute your business data to 80+ most authoritative directories of the US and over 40 for other countries.
  • Make the business voice search ready for Amazon Alexa, Google, Bing, and Apple.
  • With this tool, you can suppress the duplicates in one click and quickly help customers find you online and offline.
  • You can track your local rankings and find out how well your business ranks when searching from any city location.
  • Helps to analyze the position’s trend among all local businesses in Google Maps.
  • Once creating the most comprehensive profile for your business, it optimizes and monitors the listing of GMB and other social sites.
  • This tool uses a complete management solution for managing and responding to customers reviews and user suggestions.
  • After monitoring and identifying the priority locations to work with, this tool starts working to achieve a better local search. Also, via the convenient progress report, it shares your local business achievements.

Pricing and Packages:

All three packages of SEMrush include Local SEO listing management. The three packages are-

  1. Pro: $119.95/mo and $99.95/mo, which you should pay annually.
  2. Guru: $229.95/mo and $191.62/mo, which is billed annually.
  3. Business: $449.95/mo and $374.95/mo, which requires yearly payment.

These three packages will provide you basic location features with an additional $20/mo and the premium location with $40/mo. Now, let’s see what you will get with the basic and premium location.

Semrush local pricing plan
Source: Semrush

3. BrightLocal

As the name implies, Bright Local is one of the best and most popular tools for local SEO that comes with a range of tools. It is fully focused on local marketing with tons of features and tools. With BrightLocal it will be easy for you to monitor, audit, and focus on improving your marketing performance.

Similarly, you can compare rankings against your competitors to find where your competitors are listed and monitor their online reviews. In this way, you can ensure higher local search ranking, improving reputation, and generating more traffic and leads. This tool is best for knowing where to rank, how you rank, and build the best online reputation.

Bright Local - features
Source: Bright Local


  • Put your ranking on the map by uncovering the opportunities to outrank the competitors.
  • Monitor rankings at cities or postal code levels and then compare them for 100s of locations. In this way, this tool sets a benchmark for rankings vs. competitors.
  • Provides localized search volume for keywords to help in targeting the worthy one.
  • Track the progress and respond to the dropdowns with the “Average map Rank” metrics.
  • Helps in identifying spam in Google my business profiles.
  • Analyze 300+ data points, win more pitches and engage with existing clients with white-label audits.
  • Discover the GMB categories and insights, identify duplicate listings, and make 3x more data to leapfrog the competition.
  • Uncover the new citation building opportunities, remove the duplicate citations, and track week-on-week citation growth.
  • Through a single dashboard, this tool monitors and replies to the Google and social sites reviews.
  • With an easy to install reviews widget, it helps to convert more local website visitors.

Pricing and Packages:

Free Trial: The best thing is, you can try Bright Local absolutely free for 14 days. Without requiring any credit card information, you can get unlimited access to all features. Getting Started with the free trial only requires you to log in with your name, email, company name, country, and password.

pricing package of Bright Local
Source: Bright Local

Paid Plans: Bright Local comes with a range of plans which will suit any size of business. You can go for monthly payment or yearly payment, and with the annual plan, you will get 2 months free. So, let’s see the plans and their costs.

  1. Single Business: The monthly package comes with $29/mo, and the annual plan is $24.17/mo. It’s the perfect plan for agencies and businesses with 3 locations.
  2. Multi Business: This package is for mid-sized businesses and growing agencies managing up to 6 locations. Here, the monthly plan will cost $49/mo, and the annual plan will cost $40.83/mo.
  3. SEO Pro: Monthly plan at $79/mo, and annual plan will cost $65.83/mo. For businesses and agencies managing 100 locations, this can be a complete package.
  4. Just Reviews: The last package is dedicated to only monitoring, generating, and showcasing reviews. Both monthly and annual plan comes in $8 for this plan.

4. GrowthBar (Chrome Extension)

GrowthBar is a low-cost local SEO tool that is available as a web app and Chrome extension. It’s capable of providing critical SEO metrics on any website or Google search result.

With this multi-purpose SEO tool, you can reveal all the local SEO insights, strategize your local SEO tactics properly and improve the local search rankings. The best part is, the Growth bar extension allows you to get billions of keywords, ranking difficulty scores, backlink analysis, and unlock tons of local SEO factors.

Moreover, it will help you to generate a detailed overview of your local competitor’s top organic keywords, DA, and estimated organic traffic per month. Once having all this data using Growth Bar, you can easily outsmart your competitors in local SERPs, get more visibility, and get a better competitive advantage.

overview of GrowthBar - local seo tool
Source: GrowthBar


  • Once you activate the extension and type a particular local search quarry on Google, it will start displaying suggestions for local keywords.
  • You will also get the CPC data and monthly search volume for each keyword.
  • Provides you with billions of keyword suggestions, long-tail keywords, difficulty scores- all in one dashboard.
  • It will provide ranking difficulty for your seed keywords.
  • Generate a detailed report of any website’s top keywords, DA, backlinks, and estimated organic traffic per month.
  • Provides some augmented data by the industry-leading provider SpyFu.

Pricing and Packages:

Free Trial: Fortunately, Growth Bar provides a 5-day free trial period. So, you can give it a try and explore how this tool works. If you like this tool, go for the paid plans and utilize the additional features without any limitation.

Paid Plans: Growth Bar comes with 3 different plans, and these are:

  1. Standard: When paid monthly, you should pay $39/mo for this plan.
  2. Pro: Here, the monthly plan starts at $99/mo.
  3. Agency: Lastly, the agency plan will cost you $129 per month.

To know the features, which each plan includes, see the following image.

Pricing & packages of GrowthBar
Source: GrowthBar

5. GeoRanker

GeoRanker comes with a collection of local SEO tools to help your business grow with improved local search rankings. It can track unlimited website keyword ranking, by multiple locations across the world. Also, it displays the heat maps using distinct colors to provide where the website is ranking high.

The automated local rank tracking reports and analysis help you stay ahead of your competitors. With these data, you can plan your local SEO campaign to improve or maintain your ranking.

GeoRanker - best local seo tool
Source: Geo Ranker


  • The local rank checker and tracker show the exact real-time position for your targeted location, cities, zip code, areas, and countries.
  • You can also check your website ranking and identify the way your website is ranking on different search engines.
  • With the local citation finder, you can identify the best citation sources for your targeted location and industry.
  • The keyword density tool shows the percentage measurements of the number of times a keyword or phrase appears.
  • Helps in determining the relevancy of web pages for keywords or key phrases.
  • Helps in extracting voice answers to ranking keywords from Google voice search queries, including the audio files.

    features of Geo Ranker
    Source: Geo Ranker

Pricing and Packages:

Free Trial: You can use all the local SEO tools free for 7 days, but with some restrictions. After that, you can select any one package as per your business requirements.

SEO Tools Pricing: Geo Ranker has 3 different plans for all sizes of businesses. It doesn’t require any contract; simply pay as you go and cancel the subscription anytime. So, here are the local SEO tools pricing of Georanker-

  1. Pro: At $99 per month, you will get 10,000 monthly credit. This package is enough for professional businesses.
  2. Agencies: If you are running an agency business, this package will be a perfect choice. Here you will get 50,000 monthly credits only at $249 per month. This package also includes everything that the Pro version provides, but with larger numbers.
  3. Enterprises: A perfect plan for enterprise business that comes in $490 per month with 1,20,000 monthly credits. With these credits, you can use the rank tracker tool and other features.

And, here are the detailed comparisons of tools and features that GeoRanker will provide to you-

features of Geo Ranker
Source: Geo Ranker
Pricing & packages of Geo Ranker
Source: Geo Ranker

Let’s have a look at all the SEO tools features that each plan includes, and whatever plan you purchase, you will definitely get all these.

features of Geo Ranker local seo tool
Source: Geo Ranker

6. Whitespark

WhiteSpark is a full-fledged local SEO company that helps businesses get more local customers from Google. It is trusted by 1,36,000+ users to build citations, get found locally, track rankings, win customers, and more. WhiteSpark has several tools to make your website well-optimized for fast and accurate local search.

Once started using this tool you can make your local search quick, accurate, and easy to manage. In addition, all the tools of White spark help you to improve your local rankings, drive your business further, and fast-track your success in local search. This tool is perfect for solving local search issues for enterprises, agencies, and small businesses.

overview of WhiteSpark
Source: WhiteSpark


Local Citation Finder:

  • Figure out all the locations across the web your business is listed and competitor’s citations.
  • Compare your citations with the top-ranked competitor’s citations and find out the opportunities to make improvements.
  • Monitors citation growth over time.

Local Rank Tracker:

  • Allows tracking local pack, local finder, and organic rankings in Google and Bing.
  • Localized rankings to the city or zip code level.
  • Monitor the local and organic search performance with the accurate daily reporting of rank tracking data.

Reputation Builder:

  • Creates an automated review acquisition process.
  • Increases your online reviews by sending happy customers directly to your review sites.
  • Captures the negative reviews before they become online reviews.
  • Though, its widgets collect all the testimonials to post on your site.

Google My Business Management Service:

  • Amplifies your business presence on Google, enhances listing engagement, and boosts competitive advantage.
  • Increases phone calls, bookings, and website visits, which ultimately impact your local ranking positively.

Free Tools:

  1. The review checker tool provides the reviews and ratings of your site across the web.
  2. Google Review Link Generator directly sends the rate and reviews section of your Google listing to the customers to get more reviews.
  3. Local SEO Checklist manages the 122 local SEO to-do’s.
  4. GMB Explorer explores data from 8,00,000+ Google My Business listings in 72 categories across 200 cities in the US and Canada.
  5. Review Handout Generator helps customers to leave a Google review on your site.

Pricing and Packages:

You can use White Spark for free, and with the free account, you will get the access to-

  • Local search tools and checklists for scanning business listings, getting more reviews, and improving your rankings in Google’s local results.
  • Ordering & management of citation services.
  • Trials & subscriptions to the top-notch Local Rank Tracker, Local Citation Finder, Reputation Builder, and more.

Free Trial: The local rank tracker offers a free 14-day trial, and you can use the Local citation finder for free. Local citation finder provides you with 3 searches per day, 1 campaign, and limited search results in its free plan.

Paid plans: White Spark’s tools come with different plans and packages. Here are the packages and pricing plans of each tool.

  1. Local rank Tracker: This tool comes with 4 plans. Here are the plans and the features included with the plans.

    WhiteSpark local ranik tracker plan
    Source: WhiteSpark
  2. Local Citation Finder: The local citation finder has 5 packages for all business sizes. These are Starter, small business, specialist, agency, and enterprise.

    WhiteSpark Local Citation Finder pricing plan
    Source: WhiteSpark
  3. Reputation Builder: Lastly, the reputation builder tool comes with two packages, Pro and Multi-Location. See the features that come with these plans in the following image.

    WhiteSpark Reputation Builder pricing plans
    Source: WhiteSpark

7. Yext

Yext comes with a variety of products and solutions to help your business with local search results. Its listing, pages, keyword graph, reviews, and analytics boost your brand awareness, drive more traffic, and increase leads.

This tool integrates with hundreds of directories to make sure your business data and information are updated. Using Yext you can easily create your business’s knowledge graph, answer customer queries, capture high-intent customer traffic, and publish official answers everywhere.

This is not the end yet, with this tool, you’ll be able to manage, measure, and improve your website’s reputation, get more in-depth insights into your customer’s requirements and competitors. So, if you want to boost your local performance, operational efficiency, and improve your customer experience, Yext will be a perfect choice.

overview of Yext
source: Yext


Yext Answers:

  • Ensure a natural language search experience on your website.
  • Put direct answers, calls-to-actions, and rich content to your customers.
  • Through the answers catalogs for each search query, it helps to gain new customer intelligence.

Yext Listing:

  • Discovers accurate, compelling, and complete information from anywhere.
  • You can also ensure consumers are getting accurate information about your business due to this tool’s direct integration with every searchable platform.
  • Allows scheduling and updating, analytics, discovering improvement suggestions for improvement, and setting up integration with other tools.

Knowledge Graph:

  • A single source of answering the queries of the public about your business.
  • Provide actionable answers related to your product offering, store location, job opening, or professional credentials.
  • Quickly posts schema-optimized landing pages, helps customers to find where to buy products, and lets different region’s customers know what is available to them.

Yext Pages:

  • Helps in engaging the visitors, encourages them to take action, module page elements, reach multiple region’s clients, and rich the landing page analytics.
  • Build your website for improved discovery and conversion.
  • Ensures consumers can find consistent and optimized answers about your business.
  • Optimize landing pages for maximum search impacts.

Yext Reviews:

  • Build a customer-centric review management program
  • It monitors and analyzes the reviews across the knowledge network, generates authentic reviews directly from the customers, and ultimately engages the customers through response.
  • Automatically filters and sets up notifications for incoming reviews.

Yext Analytics:

  • Brings customer interaction or engagement into focus from anywhere.
  • Collect the insights, activity, and data to provide easier reporting.
  • A dashboard to custom views for everyone you are working with.
  • Share activity reports, letting you know about your improvements.
  • Data cleansing, duplicate listing suppression, GMBM, and local pages are some other tools that Yext includes to provide the best local SEO service.

Pricing and Packages:

You can discover your website’s potential with the free Text account with some limitations and which is obvious. And to get access to all the tools and features, you can pick any plan as per your business needs. Here are the plans of Yext-

pricing and packacges of Yext
Source: Yext

You will find the included features here; it will help you to compare the packages and get the best one for your business.

8. Synup

A great local SEO tool to craft your local brand presence by using digital profiles, shaping your business reputation, and winning more customers is none other than Synup. You can find the data inconsistency and inaccuracy in citations by crawling over 200 local searches and directories.

In this way, you can see how your business is doing on the search engines, review sites, and local directories. Beyond these, you can track the ranking, traffic, see notifications when customers leave comments, and respond to them quickly. For enterprises, SMB, and partners this tool works great.

Synup - local seo tool
Source: Synup


  • Business Presence: Manage a consistent brand presence across the web from one place. Through listing management, location management, voice search optimizer, user roles, profile analytics, revenue calculator, ranking analytics this tool unifies your presence across all premium listings.
  • Branded Content: Through rich media management, menu management, posts, user roles, automation, and analytics, this tool tailors your online image.
  • Reputation: Synup gathers all online reviews into one place to make it easier for you to respond. In this way, you can engage with the clients immediately and build a better reputation.
  • Automation: With the automation process of Synup, you don’t need to do manual edits and save a huge time. Also, you can build your own automation that suits your business based on triggers, conditions, and actions.
  • Insights: Synup provides you with all the insights into customer interactions across your business profiles. In this way, you can make more data-driven decisions to fulfill customers’ demands.
  • By improving your site’s discoverability, this tool helps to craft a better buyer’s online experience.
  • Synup showcases your products, publishes offers, and optimizes campaigns to increase conversions and improve your revenue.

    features of Synup
    Source: Synup

Pricing and Packages:

The pricing information has not been provided by Synup. To know the packages and their pricing, you have to contact Synap.

9. Advice Local

If you are looking for smarter solutions for your local business, AdviceLocal’s data-driven local search technology can help you out. Advice Local is a professional local SEO software designed with agency marketing tools and analytics to enhance your local presence online.

Its local presence management hub makes your business’s location information visible on the top directories,  search engines, social media networks, and apps.  This tool comes with the power to connect your business with consumers at the nationality, local and hyper-local levels.

With the combination of local search technology and analytics, location management and optimization will be much smarter and easier than ever for you. You can make the best use of your local SEO strategies with these data-driven technologies and solutions for sure.

Advice Local - local seo tool
Source: Advice Local


It is a complete technology suite that can do anything from building citations to monitoring online reviews, all from one dashboard. So, let’s get into its best features and see how this tool can help your business.

Listing Distribution and Management:

  • Offers a comprehensive search engine claiming and optimization, including the NAP, images, categories, business details, hours of operation, and others.
  • Has the big 4 data aggregators like Infogroup, Localize, Factual, and Foursquare to distribute your business data to a multitude of local search directories.
  • Provides the list of the most authoritative directories like Yelp, Hotfrog, Judy’s book, etc., based on real-time data syndication.
  • The ongoing citation management checkup on business listings regularly to ensure they are updated, accurate, and fully optimized.

Voice Apps: Creating a voice app has never been easier than Advice local’s 100% white-label partner solution includes creating voice apps for businesses as well. Its local voice app technology solution allows managing your business content on voice assistant devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistance.

GMB Tool: This is the no 1 management for local search that can take your GMB optimization to the next level.

  • Optimize your GMB listings effectively by scheduling geotag photos and posts in advance.
  • Publish content on multiple location listings simultaneously.
  • Manage and organize GMB review management for multi-locations.
  • Provides detailed analytics and reports after month-over-month and year-over-year comparisons of CPA, CPC, engagement rates, and location status.

Advice Locator Pages:

  • Two locations or two thousand Advice Locator pages will get you covered.
  • Comes with an easy-to-use and navigates dashboard with some built-in analytics. T
  • Ensures mobile-friendly location pages optimization for local search.
  • Customers will find it easy to search nearby locations.
  • You can manage multiple locations from a single dashboard, generate SEO-optimized landing pages, and improve each location’s visibility in local search results.
  • Data Aggregator Scan Tool and Local visibility report are the free tools that you can use.

Pricing and Packages:

Actually, this tool doesn’t discover its pricing and packages. So, to get started and know the pricing of Advice Local packages, you should make a call.

pricing and packages of Advice Local
Source: Advice Local

10. Local SEO Checklist

When it comes to fixing glaring technical local SEO issues free of cost, the Local SEO Checklist is there to get you covered. You can try this local search optimization tool, which offers 30 different options to optimize and boost your website’s local search rankings.

Using the Local SEO checklist tool, you can optimize your site’s on-page elements, things related to Google, top business directories, citations, customer review, and testimonials all in one single dashboard. This tool will let you know exactly what parts of your site require optimization for local searches.

Local SEO Checklist - seo tool
Source: Local SEO Checklist


  • With this tool, you can optimize all the on-page elements including title tags, structure URLs, images, and navigation menu.
  • Provides consistent NAP details to feature complete location data for all your business.
  • Creates Google my business listings along with providing accurate data on Google listings.
  • Set up Google webmasters, Google Analytics, and develop a mobile-friendly website.
  • It helps you to pick the right business categories to rank for more local search keywords.
  • Create or claim listings on Bing, Yelp, or all other major directories, social platforms, niche-specific directories, and apps.
  • Check competitor’s citations and get featured on the top 50 citation sites for more referral traffic.
  • This tool also removes duplicate citations, which can push your rankings down.
  • With this tool, you can monitor and respond to reviews regularly, and also look out for generating more reviews.
  • It displays reviews from existing local customers, which helps to improve your business’s credibility.
  • Checks your website to remove duplicate content, get the content ready for voice search, and lastly helps to build quality backlinks.

Pricing and Packages:

This tool is absolutely free, and the best thing is you can utilize all the above features without spending a penny.

11. ReviewTrackers

This tool is just what it sounds like, it is a software tool for tracking customer reviews. As we all know, customer reviews play a vital role in local SEO strategies to build your local business reputation. To help you out in this task, Review Trackers comes into play.

Basically, with this tool, you can get alerts for every customer review on various websites and the information available from one single dashboard. Also, you can supercharge your customer acquisition strategy and improve your online presence. Review Trackers is a simplified local listing management solution with a strong focus that can future-proof your local business.

Review Trackers - Local SEO Tool
Sourcce: Review Trackers


  • Provides real-time results for over 1,40,000 business locations and helps to empower your business.
  • Displays business reviews on the web pages to build credibility, increase online ranking and finally drive more conversions.
  • To improve your business reputation, this tool aggregates and manages business reviews from more than 100 review sites.
  • Monitors and responds to customer reviews to engage them and show the customers that you care.
  • Tracks how frequently customers respond or edit their reviews after solving an issue.
  • Helps you with the up-to-date and consistent online listing for your business along with the online reputation, all within a single dashboard.

Pricing and Packages:

Free Trial: Review Trackers offers a 30-days free trial to provide knowledge about how this tool works for your local search results. To begin your free trial, you should schedule a demo with one of its product specialists.

With each trial plan, you will have unlimited access to all your reviews, unlimited users, and full access to the essential plans. The best part is, you can utilize all these without entering credit card information. So, your demo will include how to-

  • Supercharge your customer acquisition strategy.
  • Improve customer experiences to retain them and win your local market.
  • Centralize reviews for 100+ review sites to improve your online presence and convert more buyers.
  • Turn insights into action with business intelligence tools to create customer experiences that set you apart from your competition.
  • Integrate with automation platforms, CRMs, and other tools you rely on.
  • Generate more reviews, avoid reputation risks through faster review response, and improve local SEO.

Plans: You can choose from 4 different plans of Review Trackers to drive your business growth. These plans are- Lite, Starter, Essential, and Platinum. This tool doesn’t disclose its pricing for these plans, so to know the pricing, at first, you should request a demo.

Here’s what you get with each plan-

Pricing plan of Review Trackers
Source: Review Trackers

The last thing is the Add-ons, which you will get with all these plans.

12. Surfer Local

Surfer Local is a local SEO software that checks, optimizes, and monitors your GMB profile and makes it 10x faster than before. More than 5000 customers have already used this tool to improve their local search results. This tool audits your GMB profile and provides you the guideline to make improvements and outrank your competitors.

With help of the Surfer Local tool, you can keep your audience engaged with optimized posts. No need to check the right local keywords manually while using Surfer local. It will let you get the best categories for your GMB profile, make your business optimal and creative. However, you can boost your local rankings and CTR with properly optimized business titles, images, and reviews.

overview of Surfer Local
Source: Surfer Local


  • Automatically find out the best keywords, easy-to-get local areas, and follow the Google position for every business of yours.
  • Within 10 seconds, it will provide the guideline for improving your local ranking.
  • Monitor your online position and visibility at different locations.
  • Analyze your competition with unique algorithms and create a plan to improve your business position in the local pack.
  • With the local rank tracker, you can quickly create an action plan for all your pins.

Pricing and Packages:

Free Plan: There is a free plan that allows you to use some amazing options to map out some locations and find competitor’s weaknesses.

Paid Plans: Surfer Local comes with 3 different plans for small businesses, freelancers, and agencies to meet their local business requirements. Each plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, you can try out the tools and get an idea about how it works for your business. So, let’s find out the plans and their prices.

  1. Small Business: This plan comes in $29 per month to position and track about 3 GMBs.
  2. Freelancer: The most popular plan that will cost $69 per month.
  3. Agency: The last plan at $149 per month is perfect for larger businesses and agencies with several business locations.

    agecy pricing plan of Source Surfer Local
    Source: Surfer Local

Personalized Plan: If you want a customized package according to your needs, you can go for a personalized plan. Simply contact the team and have a discussion.

personalized plan of Source Surfer Local
Source: Surfer Local

13. Google My Business

One of the best local SEO tools which allow you to promote your local business profile and engage customers for free on Google is Google My Business. With this one, you will get much more than just business listings. This tool will allow you to connect with people across Google search and Maps and see how customers are interacting with you.

Having an account for Google My business means, locating your information like address, contact number, etc. will become much easier for your customers. You can learn their needs and issues to provide the best possible service to them. Not only these, but also, you can compare local businesses related to your industry, discover your competitors, and monitor and respond to your customer reviews.

Google My Business
Source: Google My Business


  • Customers can locate your business information like address, phone no, service hour, etc. through your great business profile.
  • Provides users different ways to connect to your business, for example, calling, messaging, leaving reviews, and ratings.
  • Creates a great business profile using photos to show what makes your business unique.
  • You can conveniently find out how many people are connecting with you by measuring the clicks, calls, bookings, follows, etc.
  • Helps you to track who your customers are and respond to their reviews to build trust and engagement.
  • Your GMB profile will keep your customers up-to-date with your business information.

Pricing and Packages:

It’s a free tool that anyone can use to optimize and grow their local business profile and make a step ahead of their competitors.

14. AdvancedWebRanking

Advanced Web Ranking is a rank tracking tool that can provide unique ranking information on your demand for local searches. It’s a great tool to work with, and over 24,000 leading brands and agencies have chosen it to grow their business.

This is a one-of-a-kind tool that can generate 10,000 keywords a day in multiple search engines and specific languages or devices. With this tool, it will be easier for you to see updated rankings daily, weekly, or on your demand. For local rank tracking, this tool can be a great one for your local business.

Advanced Web Ranking
Source: Advanced Web Ranking


  • With the AWR’s customized search engine locations, you can track your business’s local and mobile rankings.
  • This longest-standing rank tracker shows reliable SERP data for 4000+ search engines and more than 170 countries.
  • Measure the search rankings and visibility in pixels.
  • Choose any location, and it will retrieve the local search volumes for your keywords.
  • Track up to 50 competitors visibility and target competitive keywords.
  • Provide actionable metrics to measure what matters for your business.
  • Perform in-depth market research with ease and bring extensive details about your competitors.

Pricing and Packages:

Free Trial: Advanced Web ranking comes with a risk-free 30 days free trial period. Simply create your trial account and without any changes and hassle, use this tool to see how it works. After the completion of the trial period, if you want to continue with this tool, you have to upgrade to a paid subscription.

If you feel not to continue any more within 30 days from the initial subscription, you can claim a refund. Also, after the initial 30 days, you can cancel the subscription anytime.

Now, let’s explore the paid plans.

Paid Plans: It has 4 different plans to meet the requirements of the starter, pro, agency, and enterprise businesses. You can pay monthly or annually, and you can save up to 10% with the annual plan. Now, let’s see what the packages include and their costs.

  1. Starter: The monthly starter plan comes in $49 per month, and the yearly plan comes in $44/mo. If you just have started your business, then this package will be enough for you.
  2. Pro: This package is for the in-house teams that come in $99/month and $89/mo for annual payment.
  3. Agency: Here, for the monthly payment, you have to pay $199, and the yearly payment will cost $179.
  4. Enterprise: For the enterprise plan, both the monthly and yearly plan comes in $499/mo.

    pricing plans of Advanced Web Ranking
    Source: Advanced Web Ranking

15. Grid My Business

Grid My Business
Source: Grid My Business

This is the last one from this best local SEO tool list. It is a grid-based local rank tracking tool, which is designed specifically to track and compare the GMB performance ranking.

That means, with this tool, you can compare the Google My Business rankings against the top 20 search results in the local SERP for a specific search query.

Ir is a great local SEO solution that can magnify your local search visibility and local SEO practice precisely. Besides, you can beat your competitors by tracking your local business competitors’ ranking performances with this tool. In fact, it allows you to draw out valuable insights to improve your search visibility and ranking.


  • Track your local rankings in multiple geographic locations and manage them in one dashboard.
  • Customize and filter data by grid size and distance range.
  • Provides instant and in-depth local search ranking results.
  • It analyzes queries or keywords in bulk instead of a single query.
  • Keep you updated with the weekly scanning or monitoring report of your business ranking.

Pricing and Packages

Free Trial: Grid My Business has a starter plan which is free forever. Other than that, if you purchase any yearly plan, you can use this tool absolutely free for 2 months. Also, this local SEO ranking tool is absolutely safe and secure. It comes with 30-days money-back guarantee.

Paid Plans: This tool includes three more packages along with the free starter plan. These are-

  • Venture: For small and medium-size business.
  • Agency: Best for agencies with multiple sites.
  • Franchise: Suitable for SMB to build their online presence.

Here, what features you’ll get with each package-

Grid My Business pricing plans
Source: Grid My Business

Final Verdict

That wraps up my list of the best local SEO tools which are worth using for ensuring your business’s growth. These tools will help you to implement your local SEO strategies and optimize your site for local searches. Also, you can ensure a strong position online and stay one step ahead of your local competitors.

I always recommend researching properly about every tool before purchasing any packages or plans. It will be best if you find tools with free trials, in this way you can at least try them out and see how they work before making any decision.

However, my favorite paid tools are BrightLocal and Surfer Local. These come with tons of features to boost your site for local searches. Also, there is a free tool which is Google My Business and it also works pretty well.

Still, none of them can magically turn your business for local searches. Actually, local SEO is a vast area of SEO strategy, it takes lots of strategies, planning, and implementation. That’s where you will require a Local SEO expert to help you out.

So if you need an expert’s opinion or help to build Local strategies and implementation, don’t hesitate to Contact ME. Lastly, if you found this guide useful, share your thoughts with me in this comment section below.

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