15 Best keyword Research Tools Free and Paid

Keyword research is one of the best practices of SEO, and there is no doubt how essential it is for a successful business. Proper keyword research helps to identify phrases or terms the audience uses to search for information in the search engines. But the process of making effective keyword research is not that easy.

You will require a tool to get accurate information like search volume, top-ranking pages, competition, CPC, etc., for a keyword. There are plenty of keyword research tools that come in very handy with both free and paid options. So, it’s very tough to choose the best one.

Therefore, in this guide, I’ll share the top best keyword research tools free and paid both. This will definitely help you to know the tools in-depth and make your decision-making process much easier.

15 Best keyword research tools Free and Paid

For modern SEO, keyword research is a must, whether you are developing new content or improvise an old blog. To reach quality and consistent traffic, all you need is good-quality keywords. Using the best keyword research tool, you can get the best topic ideas that people search on the search engines.

So, here are the best 15 free and paid keyword research tools that can help you identify the best-suited keyword for your website.Best keyword research tools

1. Google Trends

A free keyword research tool from Google that helps to explore what the world is searching for. With Google Trends, you can see the interest and relative search popularity of a specific keyword in Google over time. Moreover, you will be able to compare the popularity of up to 5 different keywords simultaneously on this tool.

Unlike the other tools, Google Trends shares the results through graphs. Once you enter the term, it will start showing the web interest and from where the traffic is coming. Overall, it’s a good tool to narrow down your core keywords to the local language choice.

Google Trends free keyword research tool
Source: Google Trends


  • Allows to filter the location and add up to 5 keywords.
  • It provides daily and real-time search trends.
  • Shows the search interest for each keyword at any given time, category, and religion. The number varies 0-100, in which 100 is the peak popularity, and 0 implies not having enough data.
  • Provides the related topics and queries that users search for in top and rising categories.

    related topics and queries features on google trends
    Source: Google Trends
  • The best thing about this tool is it provides the locations where your keyword is most popular during a specific time frame.
  • This tool provides topics in several categories like news, people, actors, athletes, babies, beauty, definitions, games, how to help, lyrics, and many more.
  • To decide between two or more keywords, use the comparison button to see which one will be beneficial.

2. Keyword Sheeter

The keyword sheeter is also a free and useful tool that works by Google autocomplete for queries. With this, you can generate medium or long-term keywords without requiring sign-in and downloading. Once putting a specific topic, you will get a table full of keywords, which you can download in CSV files.

keyword sheeter - free keyword research tool
Source: keyword sheeter

The best part of this tool is, you can use positive or negative filters to sort the keywords. With the positive filter, you will get results, which includes the particular word, and the negative filter does exactly the opposite thing. This tool is quite basic and straightforward to use. For beginners, it can be a handy tool.


  • This impressive tool can generate hundreds of ideas in seconds.
  • It pulls around 1000 ideas per minute, which can be exported in one click absolutely free.
  • Use the positive and negative filters to narrow down the results.

    narrow down the results features on keyword sheeter
    Source: keyword sheeter
  • Allows you to import a large number of keywords in bulk; you can also copy-paste and upload them.
  • You can get reports for search volume+CPC priority queue, Google Organic difficulty, search volume+CPC slow queue, top 100 Google SERP queue, etc., by purchasing sheet coins.

Packages & Price:

Though you can try it for free but for massive keyword research, this tool comes in different packages. Keyword Sheeter offers sheet coins in 4 different packages to meet different people’s requirements. These are- Bulk, Normal, Basic, and Trial.

Now, see the costing for each plan and sheet coins to decide the suitable plan for your business.

keyword sheeter pricing plan
Source: keyword sheeter

3. Keywordtool.io.

Keyword Tool is well known for finding great keywords using Google Autocomplete. The minimalistic and user-friendly interface is the first thing that you will notice once entering its dashboard. With this simplicity, this tool becomes one of the powerful keyword research tools.

You don’t have to subscribe to use this tool, which makes it one of the best free keyword research tools. In fact, along with keyword research, you can also use it for content creation, international SEO, and advertising.

There are two things that make this tool so special. The first one is, it gives ample useful keyword suggestions, and secondly, you can drill down, filter, or expand the search result according to your need to find out the right keywords. Besides these, with this tool, you can even discover thousands of new long-tail keywords related to any type of topic.

Keywordtool.io. overview
Source: Keyword Tool io


  • Allows searching on Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Play Store, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • The free version can generate up to 750+ long-tail keywords for each search term. But there is a limitation; you’ll get search volume, trend, CPC, and competition data for very few keywords.

    features of Keywordtool.io
    Source: Keyword Tool io
  • Supported 83 different languages.
  • Generate results in three categories like keyword suggestions, questions, and prepositions.
  • It’s extremely reliable as this tool works 99.99% of the time.
  • You can copy all the keywords to your clipboard, export to CSV, and Excel file.
  • The best part of this tool is you can analyze your competitor’s site. It will generate keyword list ideas based on your competitor’s site’s content. In this way, you can get some idea about the keywords they are ranking for.
  • Using the pro version, you can see the search volume, CPC, trend, competition and get 2x more keywords than the free version.

Packages and Price:

The advanced version of this free tool is Keyword Tool Pro. Compared to the free version, this Pro version provides two times more keywords along with a handful of other features. There are a total of 3 packages that come in monthly and annual billing (Save up to 20%). These are Pro-Business, Pro Plus, and Pro Basic.

So, let’s have a look at the cost and provided features.

pricing and features of Keywordtool.io
Source: Keyword Tool io

Free Trial: Unfortunately, Keyword Tool doesn’t offer any free trial. But, it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, you can try out this tool for 30 days and if you don’t like it, simply claim a refund.

4. Soovle

A free keyword research tool that uses an auto-suggestion feature and aggravates all major search engines in one place. Using this tool, you can generate keywords from multiple sources like Google, Youtube, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, answers.com, etc. In this way, you can find some untapped keywords that your competitors don’t know about.

It doesn’t crawl the internet, and all its content and services are the respective provider’s property. So, how does it work? Simply enter the keyword, and it will start generating the best results just over each platform. So, if you are planning to do content marketing on different platforms, this tool is for you.

soovle - free keyword research tool
Source: Soovle


  • This tool suggests keywords after sorting in alphabetical order.
  • Offers convenient switching between one search engine to another.
  • You can save your favorite keyword by dragging the term and drop into the save suggestion box.
  • Allows you to place your logo on Soovle and put the search terms.
  • After that, download all the keywords to a CSV file.
  • Provides a great idea about search phrases which people are using.
  • You can find better search terms by clicking the “TOP” button. Here you will find top internet keywords, and after clicking the icons, you can see the search results.

5. Keywords Everywhere

Keyword Everywhere is a freemium keyword research tool that comes with all the accurate metrics of keywords right where you need them. With Keywords Everywhere, you can find long-tail keywords along with their complete data, including the search volume, competition data, trend data, and CPC on multiple sites like Amazon, eBay, etc.

Keyword Everywhere - free keyword research tool
Source: Keywords Everywhere

Its Chrome extension and Firefox add-on are going to save a lot of time during keyword research. Want to know how? Well, you may spend on copying data from one site and finding the search volume from another, which ultimately takes a huge time. Fortunately, with keywords everywhere, you will be able to see real-time data and metrics of keywords while you are on any website.


The following are the free version’s features which you will get by using its extension.

  • Provides related keywords; people also search for keywords and long-tail keywords. Keep in mind, here; you will get no volume data.
  • Shows trend chart from 2004 without historical volume data in Google and YouTube.
  • Gives YouTube metrics like search insights, video insights, SERP Metrics, and YouTube tags.
  • Provides monthly traffic metrics and top 500 keywords for any URL or Domain.
  • Analyzes URL to get the keyword list and the and density of those keywords of any content.
  • In addition, this free tool also does competitor’s gap analysis.

    features of Keyword Everywhere
    Source: Keywords Everywhere

The paid version includes everything that the free version offers. However, the paid version comes with many more features like-

  • Shows the accurate monthly search volume, CPC, 12 months Trend data, and competition data.
  • Provides historical volume data for Google Search, Google Search Console, Google keyword planner, Google trends, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Youtube, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Keyword shitter, Soolve, and answers the public.
  • Allows importing the keywords and shares historical volume data for Google and YouTube from 2004 in the trend chart.

Pricing Plans:

pricing of Keyword Everywhere
Source: Keywords Everywhere

With Keywords Everywhere, you don’t have to go for any monthly subscription. This tool works like pay as you go. You have to buy credits, and 1 credit is equal to 1 Keyword. One credit gets you the volume, CPC, competition, and 12 months of trend data for 1 keyword. Remember, the credits will expire after one year. So, here are the pricing deals.

6. AnswerThePublic

Answer The Public is built by the Coverage Book’s team, that works a bit differently than other keyword research tools. Listening to the autocomplete data from Google, Answer The Public cranks out the useful terms and questions related to your keyword that people usually use. When you click on any keyword, it will open up in a new tab showing the contents it is ranking for.

Also, with this tool, you can see the phrases or terms in visualization mode or data mode. This simple keyword research tool is best for PR professionals to showcase and measure their work impact. Also, if you just enter into the SEO profession and keyword research, this tool will be the best fit for you.


  • Provides free searches over 500K per month.
  • The free version provides keywords in questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical, and related types.

    Answer The Public - free tool to do keyword research
    Source: Answer The Public
  • This search listening tool is built for public relations, consumer research, content marketing, and SEO.
  • Supports numerous regions and 15 languages.

With the Pro version, you can take the insights to the next level and utilize the advanced features. Let’s find out what the features are-

  • Users can explore keywords with unlimited daily searches.
  • Compare data over time and provide results comparing the changing search behavior.
  • Monitor and get alerted for new suggestions.
  • Helps in creating folders to find all your research and projects in one place
  • Allows exporting results to CSV, then filter and pivot tables.
  • Hides unwanted suggestions and branches.
  • You can export high-resolution images of your insights.
  • Provides priority customer support.

Pricing and Packages:

Answer The Public designed its pricing plans considering the requirements of freelancers, agencies, and teams of every stage, shape, and size. There are 3 different plans like-

  1. Monthly: Starts at $99 per month, which you can cancel anytime.
  2. Annual: This one is the best value plan which comes in $79/mo, and you can also pay annually. In that case, it will cost you $948.
  3. Enterprise: It is also called the search listening plan. An excellent package for the larger enterprise or agencies with several websites. For this plan, you have to pay $399/mo and $4,788 per year.

The following image will show you what these plans featured with and their cost.

pricing of Answer The Public
Source: Answer The Public

Training: The pro package of Answer the public also includes personalized onboarding training. Here, you will get 2 hours of personalized and recorded training sessions along with your other team members. This session will be led by the search listening pioneer Sophie Coley.

7. QuestionDB

A free keyword research tool that will help you to uncover the audience’s questions and untapped the best content ideas is none other than QuestionDB. This tool works incredibly powerful for every marketer and content creators to grow a blog.

Compiling the questions, which millions of people asked on search engines over time, it creates a large and searchable database. So, you will be able to find lots of question-based keyword ideas from threads on Reddit absolutely free.

QuestionDB - free keyword research tool
Source: QuestionDB


  • The free version provides 50 question-focused keywords for specific topics.
  • Allows seeing the source link of each question, and with a single click, you can go to the source page.
  • You can download the results in a CSV file.
  • It recommends using a broad term keyword.
  • The Pro version allows you to deep dive into each topic and ongoing content ideation.
  • Provide complete data for up to 800 per search.
  • Sort the result by popularity, relevance, new, etc.

Pricing Plan:

The question dB doesn’t provide any free trial, as its free plan is sufficient for most users to see the necessary terms. It comes with a single pro plan with a monthly and annual billing system.

So, let’s have a look at what the free version offers and how much you have to pay for the pro version.

pricing of QuestionDB
Source: QuestionDB

8. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Ahrefs is a complete SEO tool that is best known for checking and analyzing backlinks, competitor analysis, and obviously, its powerful tool called keyword explorer. The keyword explorer tool is the most popular keyword research tool available on the market right now.

With this, you can utilize the world’s largest third-party database of over 10 billion keywords, that is a huge number for sure. It provides you with proper in-depth information on a massive list of keywords, and this is what I like most about this tool. In fact, you can come up with thousands of accurate keyword ideas with their search volumes using this tool.

The best part about this tool is it gives a breakdown of keywords from SERP’s first page competitors and determines exactly how many searchers click on a result. In this way, you can identify which keywords to target and create content to leave your competitors behind.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer
Source: Ahrefs


  • Runs on more than 7 billion databases of updated keywords.
  • Supports and gives data for 171 countries.
  • Suggests thousands of keyword ideas for 10 different search engines.
  • Sort the keywords in six different ways. These are phrase matches, having the same term, also rank for, search suggestions, newly discovered, and questions.
  • Uses clickstream data to refine and update search volumes on a monthly basis.
  • Provides KD (keyword difficulty) scores to find the low difficulty keyword. Also, the keywords are filtered by search volume, SERP features, word count, and more.
  • The only tool that can provide you the actual estimated number of clicks for each keyword.
  • Allows you to see the parent topic to determine if you can rank for your target keyword.
  • You can get metrics for return rates, clicks per search, % of clicks, % of paid clicks, and more.

    features of Ahrefs
    Source: Ahrefs
  • Get a quick SERP overview and position the history of top-ranking pages.
  • For future reference, this tool allows users to save and segment the keyword into lists.

Pricing and Packages:

Ahrefs doesn’t have any free trial option, but you can try this tool for 7 days with its two different trial plans. Then you can subscribe to its main plan as per your SEO needs. So, let’s explore its trial plans and subscription plans.

  • Trial Plans

You will get two different trial plans which will allow you to use all its tools and features for 7 days. In this period, your usage will be capped at ⅕ of the plan’s full subscription limits. So, the plans are-

  1. Lite: 7 days at $7. You can trial 5 projects, track 500 keywords, and 10,000 crawl credits per month for your small business.
  2. Standard: It will also cost $7 for 7 days. This is perfect for SEO professionals and in-house marketers. Here, you can utilize 10 projects, track 1,500 keywords and 5,00,000 crawl credits per month.
  • Subscription Plans

You can choose among 4 packages. It has vast tools with huge features. Here, you will find the Ahrefs Keyword Explorer’s features and what you will get with each plan.

Ahrefs subscription plans
Source: Ahrefs

9. Ahrefs Free Keyword Generator

Many people may don’t know about this hidden treasure by Ahrefs. Yes, Ahrefs does have some collections of free SEO tools. Among all of these, there is a free keyword generator tool that is also good to get some winning keyword ideas. You can find thousands of keywords in seconds and discover relevant keyword ideas all day long.

With this free Keyword generator, you can even filter the specific location for which you need keywords. Though it’s not as great as the paid tool, still you can find some easy long-tail keywords with SEO metrics to rank for.

Ahrefs Free Keyword Generator tool
Source: Ahref


  • Provides keyword ideas for Google, Bing, YouTube, and Amazon.
  • You will get a total of 150 keywords for each topic in two categories, like phrases and questions. 100 for phrase match and the rest 50 in question forms.
  • It shares KD for the first 20 results (10 phrase matches and 10 questions).
  • Shares key SEO metrics including search volume and the updated time they last checked search engine results for each keyword.
  • Gives easy-to-rank keywords that come in long-tail.

10. SECockpit

The most advanced in-depth keyword research tool available in the market today is SECockpit. You will find this tool much easier finding the right keyword to optimize or bid for. Like any other premium keyword tool, it also shows an overview of data for your keyword.

Just put a seed keyword and get a list of useful results. But, what makes this tool unique is its built-in features. This great tool is highly designed for SEO professionals as well as newbies to get tons of search trends, organic competition, and traffic estimates.

Surely, newbies can also make the most use of this unique tool. If you are looking for in-depth keywords, this tool will be worth your investment. You will get keywords with the highest level of traffic, low competition, and highest potential earnings. Also, let you uncover the potential of your keywords after analyzing them with its built-in traffic and conversion calculator.

SECockpit - advance keyword research tool
Source: SECockpit


  • Works in every language, for every country, even non-western languages also.
  • Use a huge amount of data, then summarize the most potential ones, considering sacrificing accuracy and quality.
  • Runs in the cloud and gives up to 200 fully processed and analyzed keywords within a few minutes.
  • Gives access to all the data sources for keyword ideas and helps to find profitable keywords for both SEO and PPC.
  • Has awesome data filtering options to help untapped more opportunities. You can use over 100 filters to get accurate keywords.
  • With the help of the built-in rank tracker, this tool checks your search engine position automatically.
  • Provide you with a full competitor analysis for each of your keywords including their authority, on-page factors, backlinks, and many more.
  • Allows sorting and filter keyword data without requiring import or export to excel.
  • No installation and no other accounts are needed. This online application tool is compatible with any operating system.

Pricing and Packages

SECockpit will let you explore this tool with its free trial plan for 7 days. After that, you can choose the best package for you. This tool has three different packages to fulfill your requirements. So, let’s have a look.

  1. Personal: The monthly plan will cost you $39/mo, and the annual plan will cost $25/mo, which will be billed $299 per yr. This implies you can save up to 35% with the annual plan.
  2. Pro: This is the best value of SECockpit that starts at $59 per month. The yearly package comes with $42/mo and will be billed $499/yr.
  3. Agency: This package is best for Agencies or full-proof SEO professionals who require limitless keywords with additional features. So, this plan will cost $99/month and $899/yr. In which you can actually save $289/year.

Now, let’s see what you will get with these 3 plans.

pricing plan of SECockpit
Source: SECockpit

11. MOZ Keyword Explorer

It is an industry-leading tool that performs in-depth and SERP analysis. MOZ’s keyword explorer tool is designed to cover all the basics of keyword research. This tool understands the search intent and then figures out traffic-driving keywords for you.

You will get some out-of-the-box suggestions that may not be found in any other tools. Besides, it helps to figure out what people are searching for, the demand for specific searches, and their competition level. This tool is pretty awesome with all the great features, which I am going to explain below.

MOZ keyword explorer
Source: MOZ


  • A time-saving keyword research tool to find profitable keywords and organize them into lists.
  • Provides up to 500 million keyword suggestions, 180 million unique ranking keywords, and 170 Google search engines.
  • Can predict the search volume a keyword will receive with more than 95% accuracy.
  • Allows prioritizing the keywords with the help of its comprehensive scoring.
  • All the keyword research suggestions can be exported into CSVs with well-format.
  • Provides long-tail keywords with higher relevancy, broadly related topics, or in the form of questions.
  • Sorts keywords by monthly volume, difficulty, organic CTR, and priority.
  • Also, review the SERP details by breaking down all the elements and links for each keyword at each ranking position.
  • For better SEO strategies, you can search each keyword suggestion and rank keywords by country.

MozBar Extension

A free Chrome Extension that displays the DA, PA, and number of backlinks for each site when you search. You can even dig into page elements, country, region, city, highlight link types, search results of different engines, and view meta tags.

If you sign up for the MozPro free trial version, you can access the keyword difficulty score for any search term on any SERP in real-time. So, to get started with Mozbar-

  • Install the MozBar extension in your Chrome Browser.
  • Log in to the Moz account and locate the “M” icon from the toolbar.
  • Enable the third-party cookies through your browser setting.

    MozBar Extension
    Source: Moz

Packages and Pricing

The best thing about this tool is it provides a 30-day free trial. So, before moving forward to the main packages, you can try it out and find out how this tool works. So, let’s explore what is included in the free trial plan.

Free Trial: You can use all the features with no risk and no commitment in this trial period. Once the free period completes, then a total of $179 per month will begin. This plan includes-

  • A total of 10 keyword queries
  • Access to the SEO data and SEO tools to drive insights and reporting
  • Personalized walkthrough with an expert
  • 24/7 online support
  • Seek advice and engage with industry experts on the Q&A forum.

Moz keyword planner comes with 4 different pricing plans. See the details here-

  1. Standard: If you are a newbie or just need the basic features, this standard plan is at $99/mo or $950/yr. will be a great way to get started.
  2. Medium: In this plan, you will have full access to keyword research tools. Here, you can include one more person that means it allows 2 user seats.
  3. Large: It is the best value and ideal package for agencies and businesses. In this package, you can use 3 user seats.
  4. Premium: And the last plan is for the SEO-focused agencies and in-house marketing teams. This package includes 5 user seats.

Following are the features of Moz’s keyword explorer’s all 4 plans.

pricing of Moz
Source: Moz

11. SemRush

SemRush is a complete SEO tool that works a little differently than all the other keyword research tools. It’s a perfect SEO tool for marketers, SEO experts, bloggers. This tool is loaded with unique features and 40+ tools.

In the midst of all these tools, its keyword research tool stands out very strongly. You can use this tool to find variations of your seed keywords, semantically related keywords, and accurate metrics.

However, it will also show you the keywords your competitors are already ranked for. Actually, these are the outside-the-box keywords that you may find difficult to get with using other tools. So, this competitive research tool is actually helping you to keep your eyes on your competitors.

Semrush also has the largest keyword database in the industry. But I think, it’s just not about the quantity of data, it’s the combination of quality and depth of data that makes this keyword research tool this popular.

SemRush - keyword research tool
Source: SemRush


  • Based on the search volume, CPC, number of results, level of competition, SERP features, and more, it discovers any keyword’s organic and advertising value.
  • Analyses the complete list of competitor’s organic keyword ranking and pages and then adapts the potential keywords.
  • After researching a database with over 20 billion keywords, this tool generates thousands of keywords for each seed.
  • Help you to discover new opportunities by discovering the keyword gap between you and your competitors.
  • This tool creates a powerful keyword list by analyzing up to 1000 keyword metrics.

Pricing and Packages:

Trial Period: Well, SamRush does provide a 7-day free trial. So, in this trial period you can test out each of SemRush’s tools, but in limited ability. The 7-day trial option is available for either Pro or Guru Subscription. Let’s see what can you do within your free trial period-

  • 10 keyword searches per day.
  • 10 requests per day.
  • Create and manage 1 project
  • Track 10 keywords

Now, let’s find out the subscription packages which come with enormous features.

  1. Pro: Best package for small in-house teams and newbies. The monthly payment comes with $119.95/mo, and the annual billing will be $99.95/mo, where you can actually save up to 17%.
  2. Guru: This plan comes with $229.95/mo for the monthly payment and $191.62/mo for the annual payment. For SMEs, marketing consultants, and growing agencies, this package will be an ideal option
  3. Business: If you have a large agency and enterprise, this plan is for you. Here, the monthly payment is $449.95/mo, and the yearly bill will cost $374.95/month.

    SemRush pricing plans
    Source: SemRush

12. UberSuggest

Another great free keyword research tool developed by Neil Patel that anyone can make the best use of is UberSuggest. This tool makes the time-consuming keyword researching task much more convenient with its fast and accurate results. Within a few seconds, you can generate 100 plus long-tail keywords with complete insights.

It offers search volume data, keyword suggestions, ideas of keyword difficulty, and many more all-in-one place. The best thing about this tool, what, I feel, is it’s provided suggestions for related keywords.

You will be able to see a table of the top 100 Google results for your seed keyword along with the number of backlinks, domain score, estimated visits, and the total number of social shares. Another benefit of using this tool is, from its content ideas, you can also figure out the content related to your keyword with accurate metrics.

UberSuggest - keyword research tool
Source: UberSuggest


  • Supports numerous languages and countries.
  • Gives access to 6 billion keywords, 2 trillion links, and 1 billion pieces of content.
  • It provides search volume, competition metrics, seasonal trends, negative keyword search, CPC, and related search.
  • Organize all the keywords into meaningful lists and save your keyword research so that you can continue from where you left.
  • Uses Google’s autocomplete API to provide what other people are searching into Google.
  • In addition, this tool generates keywords based on what keywords are working for the competitors.

Chrome Extension

It also has a free Chrome extension that offers keyword search volume, CPC, competition data, and insights for all of those keywords that you search on Google, YouTube, Amazon, and more.

Once installing the extension, you can see the data around your keyword and search terms. To get more details, simply click on the “view all” next to the search bar. Now, let’s see how this extension helps you with keyword research-

  • Provides graphs and trends that break down the total monthly search volume for specific keywords.
  • When you perform a search on Google, you will see the traffic volume under each URL.
  • It also provides related keywords, trend charts, people also search for, long-tail keywords, and trending keywords.

Pricing and Plans:

Though you can use UberSuggest for free, your user ability will be limited. With the free version, there will be only 3 searches available for you. Also, you can’t see the volume, CPC, and SEO difficulty for every keyword result. So, if this limited edition is not enough, you can test the 7-days free trial plan.

Free Trial: The best thing is, the 7-days free trial is available for all 3 monthly subscription packages of UberSuggests. You can unlock all features including in the particular package. This free trial comes with zero risks, and you can cancel it anytime. After the completion of the trial period, you can pick a plan according to your requirements.

Money-Back Guarantee: With the lifetime plan, you will get a 30-days money-back guarantee. So, if you don’t like the package, you can claim a refund.

Now, let’s get into the main pricing plan and packages. Considering the price, UberSuggest is pretty good to work with. Even this tool is much cheaper than the other keyword research tools. So, here’s what UberSuggest offers.

UberSuggest pricing
Source: UberSuggest
  1. Individual: This one is for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and those who are managing 1 to 3 websites. The monthly payment will be $12/month, and to get the lifetime plan; it will cost only $120. This is a one-time fee, and no monthly fees are required with the lifetime plan.
  2. Business: The monthly plan starts at $20, and the lifetime plan will cost $200. This plan will be an ideal choice for the small and medium business that manages 4-7 websites.
  3. Enterprise / Agency: A perfect plan for larger businesses and agencies with 8+ websites to grow their SEO strategies. This plan will cost $40 for the monthly payment and $400 if you go for a lifetime.

13. KWFinder

A tool developed by Mangools is KWFinder, which is well-known for being the best keyword research tool. KWFinder is an extremely easy-to-use keyword research tool, perfect for finding long-tail keywords with low SEO difficulty. KWFinder is entirely a keyword research tool that focuses solely on keyword research.

Once you enter the seed keyword it starts showing comprehensive results in three categories like related keywords, autocompletes, and questions. You will get tons of keyword ideas along with top-ranking pages for your target keywords in the section of SERP overview.

overview of KWFinder
Source: KWFinder


  • Provides keywords with low difficulty, high search volume, estimated visits, CPC, PPC, and trends.
  • Analyses competitors and shows the keywords they are ranking for.
  • Identify seasonal keywords that can boost your website’s organic traffic by analyzing the search volume with historical data.
  • The best tool to get location-specific long-tail keywords and SERP analysis. You can choose from more than 50K locations and find out the precise local search result.
  • Access to 2.5 billion related keywords and 100 M competitors keywords.
  • Supports several locations and languages.
  • Provides suggested keyword sources by Google.
  • Organize all your keywords in lists and import them in bulk.

Pricing and Packages:

Free Trial: You can give this tool a trial for 10 days. In these 10 days, you will get 5 keywords (25 related and 10 competitors per day), SERP, and site lookups, along with backlink rows. No credit card information is needed, so no need to fear cutting charges once completing 10 days.

Also, it has a 48-hour money-back guarantee. So, you can try out this tool to figure out how the keyword research process works.

If you like this tool, you can move forward to purchasing any one plan among its 3 different plans, which I will discuss here. This tool comes with the following packages called-

  1. Mangools Basic: The basic plan comes in $49/mo and $29/mo for yearly payment. So, if you want to enjoy the 40% discount you can go for the yearly plan.
  2. Mangools Premium: Here, you have to pay $69/mo and $39.90/mo which will be billed yearly.
  3. Mangools Agency: A proper package for the agencies that starts with $129/mo and $79.90/mo for yearly billing.

Here’s what includes in these packages, this will help you to make the right decision about what plan is accurate for your business.

pricing of KWFinder
Source: KWFinder

14. SerpStat

Another excellent and nifty Keyword research tool is SerpStat that helps to find the right keyword for you. This tool comes with 239 search databases of keywords along with suggestions for Google and Yandex. In fact, you can conduct a whole site analysis, competitor analysis, and collect semantic keywords using this tool.

Serpstat has the biggest keyword database and analysis based on regional search results and competitor sites in your niche. Not only that, but also you can utilize more than 30 SEO tools of Serpstat. So, anyone who wants to make money with their website can definitely get benefited from Serpstat.

Source: Serpstat


  • Help you to collect semantic databases for a site with search volume, popularity, competition, and keyword difficulty.
  • Best to find any type of keyword options, similar keywords, and suggestions.
  • With the help of search questions, it helps to create content for your blo9g post.
  • By keyword search results, it analyzes the competitors of yours.
  • It analyzes keyword seasonality and trends.
  • Helps in expanding semantics using the missing keywords for each page of your site.
  • Gives your niche leaders by keywords along with their ad examples.
  • Analyze and find the most profitable keywords by checking their KD and ranking opportunities.
  • Ensure providing the fullest database of all your keywords.

Pricing and Packages:

Free Trial: Actually, it doesn’t offer any free trial. But this tool is free to use with minimal searches per day. You can get an idea of how it works and if you like the features, then subscribe to any of its paid plans.

It has 4 different plans, starting with Lite that costs $69 per month, Standard $149, Advanced $299, and lastly, $499 per month. Based on the amount of data users need, these 4 plans are divided into two major groups. These are personal and business.

The good thing is, if you buy each plan for more than 1 month, you will get a discount offer. Usually, the size of the discounts depends on the period of your choosing plan. Let’s have a look at how the discount offer works-

  • With a 3 monthly plan, you will get a 5% discount.
  • The 6 monthly plan comes with a 10% discount.
  • 12 months plan will allow you a 20% discount.

Now, let’s see the 4 different plans and what features these plans include-

pricing of Serpstat
Source: Serpstat
  1. Lite: This plan is perfect for SEO individuals, freelancers, and SMB who have limited budgets to spend on. With this plan, you will get-
  2. Standard: Best for marketing agencies and in-house teams.
  3. Advanced: This plan will work best for the big marketing agencies and larger in-house teams, who require extensive data for their websites.
  4. Enterprise: It’s for those who are industry leaders and requires vast amounts of data and features for their websites.

15. SpyFu

SpyFu’s keyword research tool is best known for its in-depth keyword research with a few easy searches. You can perform both traditional keyword research or competitor-based keyword research with this tool. It will let you dig into your competitor’s most profitable keywords. In this way, you will get the potential and useful data on more keywords with much more consistency.

The best part is, you can even compare your site with your competitors. SpyFu shows unlimited searches on millions of keywords, so if you want to stay ahead of your competitors, this tool is for you.

SpyFu - Best Keyword research Tool
Source: SpyFu


  • Offers advanced insights for each keyword search with years of history that dominated the rankings.
  • Alongside the traditional statistics, this tool also finds the mobile vs desktop metrics for all your keywords.
  • You can discover the true story of each keyword by making a competitive history analysis.
  • Compares multiple domains and pages on a single keyword by tracking millions of keywords of SERPs for 15 years.
  • Helps to strategize your campaigns by providing related questions and transactional keywords.

Prices and plans:

Money-Back Guarantee: There is no free trial offer, but you can use the free version to check out the working processes. But, the great news is, SpyFu is absolutely risk-free with its 30-day money-back guarantee. If this tool doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can claim a refund.

But to get unlimited access to all the data, you have to go for its paid packages. This tool comes with 3 packages like basic, professional, and team. To better understand, let’s get into them.

  1. Basic: The monthly plan starts with $39/mo, and the annual plan comes with $33, which will be billed annually. It includes-
  2. Professional: Here, you have to pay $79/month for the monthly payment and $58 for the annual plan. In this package, you will get-
  3. Team: And, for the last package, you have to pay $299/mo and $199/mo, which will be billed annually if you choose the annual plan. So, let’s see what features this plan will offer to you-

Here are the other features that you will get with a subscription. So, let’s have a look.

pricing plans of SpyFu
Source SpyFu

Last Thoughts on Keyword Research Tools

Whether it is free or paid, you will find the keyword research tools in bulk. Each tool comes with some unique features, and depending on these features, these tools perform differently and show the keyword metrics.

Therefore, before purchasing any package, look out for if the tool offers any free trial or not. If so, try out the tool with the free trial and find out how the tool works. This way, you can find out the best-suited keyword research tool for you. After that, you can go for the best-paid plan.

Lastly, I would like to recommend SemRush or Ahref’s as the best-paid keyword research tools. Semrush is quite versatile and is an all-in-one SEO tool. On the other side, Ahrefs is well-known for its competitor analysis, backlinks, and keyword research. If you want free tools, then you can go for Google Trends and Ubersuggest. These are very beginner-friendly and also comes with optimum features.

That’s all for this guide, if you need keyword research services or have any further queries about the best keyword research tools, or need any suggestions, let me know in the comment section below or you can Contact Me here.

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